Will Cardio Burn Belly Fat….. Yes it will

A cardio workout with a good diet will burn fat


Can you burn fat with cardio

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The question will cardio burn belly fat, is a simple yes if combined with a good diet, there are so many different workouts now that will help you on the road to burning fat low-intensity workouts is an option for people starting out it is a good idea to start here if your new to working out. Muscles get their energy from burning fat and sugar so the more you use them the more fat you will burn.

If we overeat and our bodies don’t use it, it will be stored it as fat this is because our ancestors didn’t eat like we do so anything they ate that wasn’t needed by the body was stored as fat for later use when they needed it they were always on the move. For us exercise in the form of cardio or raising your heart rate for a 30 -60 minute period will burn off the fat.

Depending on your fitness level age and weight will determine how much you will lose, when you are young it’s a lot easier to lose weight I could maintain my weight when I was younger but as I have got older ( 57 ) I find it harder plus I don’t need the number of calories I once did. I can push myself very hard but found It took me days to recover so a carefully planned workout is key to burning fat.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) If you want a good HIIT workout you can get this from Amazon for £66.80 and free delivery you have some awesome workouts that will melt the fat off, It’s not for the faint-hearted but well worth the effort.



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This is the big thing at the moment because you can do a 20-minute workout and you’re done, the only thing is you have to push yourself and you can not really do more than two HIIT workouts in a week because if you are doing it right it is far too taxing on your body. HIIT training will speed up your metabolism and apparently keep working for 48 hours after you have finished your workout so you are still burning fat great right. You need to combine HIIT workouts with other steady cardio and weight training.

HITT can be done anywhere without any equipment using your own body weight. You work as hard as you can for 30 – 45 seconds then rest for 15 – 30 seconds. An example would be…

30 seconds work 30 seconds rest. Jump squats, Pushups, Burpees, Mountain climbers, Skater. you would do this for 4 rounds after a warm up. you are using your legs which are a big muscle group and burn more fat. When you start HIIT training it is hard I am not going to lie you will probably think I’m never doing that again but stick it will get easier.

Steady State Cardio


Steady state cardio is great to add to your workout regime doing this for 45 – 60 minute twice a week will put your body in a fat burning zone, you will raise your heart rate but not too much, you need to be a little out of breath but not so you can’t talk. You could go for a brisk walk or jump on a stationary bike though the thought of sitting on a bike for 45 minutes doesn’t do it for me, I would rather do a dance workout or old-fashioned aerobics workout which you can find on YouTube.

Do different kinds of workouts to keep you interested, doing the same cardio workout gets a little boring and your body will get used to it and you will hit a plateau, so will cardio burn belly fat yes if you keep changing it up and incorporate different intensities like HIIT and steady state cardio before you know it you will be a fat burning machine.

Fuel Your Body

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It is important to fuel your body after your workout by eating the right kind of food you should eat some carbs and protein after your workout try and do this within 45 minutes of finishing your workout if you don’t eat anything you will feel like rubbish and your body will take what it needs from muscle.

Have Tuna, chicken or eggs or a protein-rich food with some rice, sweet potato, pasta or wholemeal bread add a little avocado or nuts for some good fat. You could have wholemeal toast smashed avocado with chili and onion and poached egg, or protein pancakes with Greek 0% fat free yogurt and mixed berries, if you are in a rush have a protein smoothie but get something inside you.

Cardio is good

There are so many people on websites saying Cardio makes you fat and that is not so, you don’t see any runners who are fat and that’s cardio they are normally trying to get you to sign up to something you can do it yourself as I have said before it’s not going to be easy but you will be rewarded with the body you want.

Choose a program that is best for you, do a couple of HIIT workouts a week along with steady state cardio once you have mastered this add in some weight training. I will cover this next time. Make sure you eat after your workout this is important. There is a saying you can’t out train a bad diet and this is true, if you are going to put the effort in to workout don’t mess it up by eating rubbish you will not see the results you want and get disheartened.

See you next time if you want any help please drop my an email.



2 thoughts on “Will Cardio Burn Belly Fat….. Yes it will”

  1. Hi
    There is only so much i am able to do when it comes to cardio as i have had two knee replacements.
    Would you be able to guide me in the right direction? as what cardio i could possibly do?
    I really do need to get rid of my belly fat as it is disgusting and i really need to stick to it as that is half my problem i give up very easily.
    This is so informative to me as i am not really that knowledgeable on fitness:) and your post gives some good info.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      It would be my pleasure to point you in the right direction, if you drop me an email at support@banishthatbellyfat.com with when you had your knee replacements and if you do any kind of exercise now and I will get back to you with some exercises you could do.


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