Why Women Should Weight Train…..because the benefits are huge

Women and weights

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When you want to lose belly fat you should incorporate some kind of weight training into your regime, as we age we lose muscle so you need to use them by adding weights or resistance bands into your workout, this will minimize muscle loss and tone your body you will not bulk up, as women we have high estrogen levels which make it difficult for us to be muscle-bound, you will, however, become stronger and toned and who doesn’t want to have toned arms and legs.

As we age the percentage of fat increases by adding weight training into your workout your body will burn more fat more efficiently and combine this with any kind of cardio you will become a fat burning machine. When we get older we can suffer from osteoporosis but by adding weights your bones will become stronger and protect your joints and help with balance too, this is why women should weight train, I’m a true believer in any form of weight training it has changed my body considerably and I’m so much stronger now than I was 20 years ago.


How To Begin

Depending on whether you are going to the gym or working out at home always start off with lightweight’s if you are new to weight training, weight training covers a vast amount of equipment. The gym will have stationary machines for every body part you will need to have an induction so you know how to use every machine without getting injured. Don’t be afraid of using weights it may feel a little intimidating at first but everyone started the same way always concentrate on your form and full range of movement, this is very important if you can’t do the exercise properly because the weight is too heavy get a lighter weight, it has to challenge you, so 12 reps is good starting place if you can do the exercise for 3 sets at 12 reps and by your 3rd set gets a little difficult that would be perfect once they become easy, up the weight. Your muscle will be sore the next day but it will get easier and you will be burning fat even after you have finished your workout, this is why women should weight train or do any kind of resistance workout the benefits are huge and it will keep you young.

If you are working out at home you can purchase dumbbells or resistance bands at reasonable prices, I find a combination of weights and resistance bands are a good option. If you are really serious about weight training you could set yourself up with a homemade gym in your garage or spare room with great multi-station gyms on the market now, these are fantastic pieces of equipment for any weight training enthusiast, this would be my ideal piece of equipment but I have no room so its dumbbells and resistance bands for me as I stop going to the gym but didn’t want to stop working out.


Let’s Talk Resistance Bands


There are many resistance bands on the market I have quite a few different kinds, I like the one with the handles and they come with 5 different colored bands with varying intensities they are portable so you can take them anywhere with you like on holiday or away on business. You can stack the bands together for a greater resistance like if you are doing squats, they come with door anchor for doing lat pulldowns or any other pulling workout, you can hit every muscle group with these kinds of resistance band and they are cheap around £20. This is a good option if you don’t have much room but want to do strength training the only other thing you would need is a mat.

I have been using mine for a while now and I think they are a brilliant piece of kit I can hit my back, chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps with these I also use these in combination with dumbbells for my leg workout. You don’t have to lift heavy weights you can if you want to but using equipment like this to get toned if fantastic.


Combining Weight Training And Cardio.

I combine weight training and cardio in one workout four times a week, this is an example of what I would do with the bands.


I would do resistance band lat pulldowns with the band anchor to the top of the door for 45 seconds x 3 rounds in between the rounds I would do burpees for 30 seconds, once that was finished I would go onto straight arm pulldowns 45 seconds x 3 rounds and then in between I would Jump squats for 30 seconds. Then attach the band to a door handle and do underhand rows 45 seconds x3 rounds and skipping for 30 seconds then rear fly and high knees, that’s my workout done, so I have combined both strength training and cardio in one session.

You can do all kinds of combinations, you may have a stationary bike you can jump on in between your sets, to burn as much fat as possible by combining both in one workout you will see great results in no time.


Dumbbells And Kettlebells


Dumbbells and kettlebells are a great addition to your collection I have an array of different size dumbbells and kettlebells. I must admit I was a little obsessed with kettlebells at one time, I think they are great because you can get a full body workout with them in a short time swinging a kettle you are engaging your abs and it’s working your legs, arms, back and you are getting a good cardio workout as well. If you look on YouTube there are many tutorials on how to use a kettlebell, you also can get DVD’s on Amazon at good prices.

KB workout

If you are going to use Kettlebells I would suggest you learn how to use them correctly as you can hurt your back if you don’t swing it properly and start with a lightweight.

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I would get a set of dumbbells too or instead of kettlebells if you prefer you can buy them quite cheaply around £30 for 1, 2 and 3 KG set which if you are starting out is a good place to begin

Fat Burning Machine

If you are serious about losing belly fat, getting fit and becoming a fat burning machine just add some weight training into your routine three times a week along with cardio and a good diet you will see the results I promise you.

Why should women weight train because the results are awesome and you all deserve to be fit healthy and looking fantastic.


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