I Want To Lose Belly Fat…Most of us do

I would say that most women want to get rid of their belly fat, but it’s not only belly fat, what about back fat that horrible fat that bulges out just above your waist at the back and the fat that spills over your bra it doesn’t look nice but you can reduce it.

What is belly fat?

belly fat

You hear so many women and men say I want to lose belly fat, but what is this fat, well this kind of fat is called visceral fat and its not good, this is the fat that is linked to all sorts of health issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease so you need to reduce your body fat with a good diet and exercise.

Scientists that do research into this kind of fat have found that it hurts the immune system and has an effect on your hormones which could cause forms of tumors. If you want to be fit and healthy as you grow older than you must make a commitment to change your lifestyle, you need to stop eating foods that make you fat and have an inflammatory effect on your body and that can cause health issues. We really don’t move around enough and we were built to sit around doing nothing, our children are growing up sitting indoors playing computer games so just think in the future what health issues they will have as they grow up, It’s not all doom and gloom you can change things.

Commit To You

keep moving

You have made the choice to get fit and healthy now the work begins, you didn’t get overweight overnight and you won’t lose weight overnight either you realise you have a problem and the first step is saying I want to lose belly fat I want to be fit and healthy as I grow older, I want more energy and I want to look good in my clothes.

You may have a bad week when you do no exercise and overindulge we have all been there don’t beat yourself up about it just start again if you have taken 10 steps forward and 2 steps back you still have gained 8 steps. No one is perfect don’t judge yourself on other people we are all different, I’m never going to look like I did when I was in my twenties and that is fine the difference is I’m a lot fitter and healthier now.

Commit to you, what I’m saying is don’t do this for others do it for you, if someone is negative don’t let it bother you, some people will try to make you feel bad or tease you they want you to fail because they don’t believe in themselves be strong be committed and you will see the change.



Plan ahead and keep a record.

Let’s put a plan of action in place, plan ahead by this I mean plan what food you will buy, this will take time find food you will enjoy eating don’t go on a strict diet that not going to help in the long run, measure your food this will help with not over eating and add extra calories, so for breakfast you could have 1/3 cup of porridge this would be 150 calories add 1 cup of semi-skimmed milk and that is another 83 calories and top it off with mix berries 80 calories that is 313 calories or you could have Toast 64 calories a teaspoon peanut butter 64 calories and half a banana that 181 calories. Once, you get into the swing of things measuring your food will become second nature. Keep a record of what you eat either write it down or put it in Myfitnesspal which you can download on your phone this way you will keep on track.

Keep Moving

1 hour is 4%

Half an hour or an hour exercising out of your day is nothing, Just think of the time you sit around watching TV or drinking coffee with friends this time could be used to get up and get moving. See if your friends and family would like to join you on your journey to get fit, It’s proven that if you workout with someone it makes it a lot easier and you can help each other through those days when you just can’t be bothered, we all have those days.

Write down what you did and how long for this will keep you motivated and when you look back through you will be amazed at how far you have come.

Stay Positive

Don’t obsess about your weight you will change that.

Make a commitment to you, you are strong and determined and no one will stop you getting to where you want to be.

Plan your meals and record everything you eat you will be less likely to cheat if you do this.

Keep moving, I’m here to support you and give you encouragement.





2 thoughts on “I Want To Lose Belly Fat…Most of us do”

  1. Great advide. I would add that walking is an excellent way to get in shape and banish your bellyfat! I just wrote a post on the health benefits that come from walking for 45 minutes per day. It is great because you don’t have to worry about expensive equipment or gym memberships, just get out there and walk!

  2. What many people don’t realize is there are plenty of exercises you can do WHILE watching tv lol. Dedicating an hour or even just 30 min a couple times a week will merit results.

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