Banish that fat forever

Hello everyone and welcome to Banish fat


Like many out there I have struggled with losing weight from around my belly, when I was young, up until my forties I had no problem with my weight I could eat anything I wanted and still stay slim.

At 45, I noticed I was putting on a little weight around the middle still did not take much notice until I hit the menopause, then all of a sudden it seemed like overnight I put on 2 stone nothing fit me anymore I was uncomfortable and feeling down.

So I started researching what I could do, I have always exercised mostly cardio of some sort, but as you age everything starts going south, as they say. So I started doing some weight training and watched what I was eating I was going to the gym doing a leg day, back day, shoulder and arm day cardio day, function day basically I was wearing myself out, I had built muscle but still, my fat around my belly would not budge.

I decided to cut right back no more gym just working out at home with a few weights and bands and a TRX.

It’s all about calories into calories out and a little help from supplements and eating good clean food.







This is my opportunity to help others with the same problems with tips on workouts, diet, and supplements

We all can get where we want to be with encouragement, let us do this together.



Is to help you and your friends get fit and healthy and lose fat


All the best,